Wednesday, 14 March 2018

My trip to Australia

A trip to Australia
Australia is one of the top best country I have ever been to. The most amazing place was this cool inflatable place that I don't know what it was called but I just know it was fun. We waited for our session and me and my cousin got our life jackets and then clipped them on. After that, they told us the rules I promise you dont what to hear the rules. The worst bit about this is trying to get up it was so hard but thankfully, there were handles.

I felt the sun boiling on my skin. While I was jumping up and down.It felt like I was on the tv show wipe out cause I was getting wiped out.When I jumped of the inflatable it was about 2 to 3 meters high.When I jumped off I glided down like nobody else could.When I touched the water the water went up into my mouth It tasted like vomit.IT WAS DISGUSTING.Every single time I jumped off it went into my mouth the whole session.

But the water was nice at the same time and also same time the water stings your eyes like a jellyfish.Our session was nearly over but I am still
running around like a crazy person.The sun was still burning on me but luckily I had sunblock on.I heard everyone yelling laughing and having fun.I also heard people saying that big huge enormous swing.Then I tried it.It was so e fun.while I was coming back I felt the inflatable under my feet slipping like someone is washing their hands with the slipperiest soap in  the world.The session is now over so I swam out and got up on the sand and said THAT WAS SO FUN.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

rugby trophy

There is a trophy on the line and you know who is going to get it? guess... it’s me. As I walk up to get my trophy then I took a picture with a celebrity named Rieko Ioane and that made my day.The year was 2015 and I was about 8 years old. My coach use to be a player in the All blacks.

That picture was my favorite one I've always had. I always remember that picture when I watch the All Blacks on TV. They remind me as a superstar just like what I want to be.