Wednesday, 13 September 2017

be a gentlmen

At the bottom of the ocean lurked peculiar creatures. Amongst the opaque water there were fish with huge black eyes that hunted prey. Creepy crustaceans crawled along the seabed scavenging for food and a giant squid shot ink.

The Mermen swam towards the great hall and their queen. The Merpeople queen sat on her diamond encrusted throne. The queen was draped in priceless jewels such as rubies, sapphires and diamonds. The queen’s crown was the size of a soccer ball with every gem but rubies. “You will all compete in a competition and whoever wins gets to
be my king‘’ said the queen.

The first event was a 100m sprint swim.’”Bang’’ the starting pistol fired loudly. Five of the mermen raced as fast as a Lamborghini racing through the streets of Italy. Bostonia put his head down and ran through the finishing line to come first.

The second event was a test of strength. Liamina and Avana, the strongest and smartest mermen in the kingdom, had an arm wrestling contest to decide who would face Bostonia in the final. Liamina had an advantage due to his enormous muscles. Avana though was smarter and often used his tactical knowledge to beat his opponents.

It was a close match, Liamina was really close to getting Avana’s arm down, but Avana fought back by twisting Liamina’s wrist. However Lamina strength was too much for Avana and he eventually pinned his arm down.

The final showdown was between the fast Bostonia and the strong Liamina.The contest was to be decided by an obstacle course. There were three obstacles slippery ropes,  a rock wall and monkey bars. Bostonia lead, he heard a noise behind him he looked back. Liamina had fell off the slippery ropes and hurt himself. “Arghhhh” he screamed. Bostonia without a second thought went back and lifted him onto his shoulders. Bostonia carried the injured Liamina up the rock wall and across the monkey bars towards the finish line. Within sight of the finish line Liamina suddenly sprang from Bostonian's shoulders and swam like a torpedo to the finish. ‘I won, I won’ celebrated the cheat Liamina with a sneaky grin.

From the balcony emerged the queen with the king’s crown ‘’I declare the winner is Bostonia”. The crowd cheered loudly “yay”. The queen continued “Although Bostonia did not come first he demonstrated sportsmanship and kindness, let me present you your new king, Bostonia, Three cheers for the new king”. Bostonia was a fair and kind king and ruled the merpeople kingdom for fifty years.

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